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Order Best Korean Snacks Online and Enjoy Watching BTS’s New Song “Life Goes On”

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How BTS, the K-pop boy band that changed the world, explained


What is BTS?

BTS is a seven-member Korean pop group that came into view in 2013 under the underground label of Big Hit Entertainment. At that time, the label was a small one, which has since become a powerhouse of Korean entertainment. It was initially established in 2010, though it became international in 2016 due to Asia’s critical and business growth. They were the first KPop group to perform on the AMAs and won several awards. BTS stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bulletproof Boy Scouts. The name is a clue to young people’s resilience. In their native South Korea, they are widely known as the “Bangtan Boys”. They started by the name Beyond the Scene a few years back, and we presumably expect this will draw more foreign viewers. It has become the world’s most massive boy band in a matter of a few years. It has topped the charts and records on their latest world tour. Since its 2013 debut, the seven members team— comprising of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook — have achieved greater depth and intensity than the typical K-pop groups.


Journey of BTS

BTS initially was a tiny RM and Iron pair in early 2010. After some argument, Big Hit transformed the BTS into a duo, and J-Hope, Suga, Jungkook, V, and Jimin were introduced to it as Iron left. BTS debuted with “No More Dream,” a voice to express young people’s stories and to offer inspiration and a picture of hope. In their “2 Hip 4 Skool” period, they started their journey with a dark aesthetic. The second part of its “trilogy of the schools” was “O! Even 8,2?” that haven’t been up to the chart. However, their new trio from Billboard’s world album chart “Skool Luv Affair” has made them rated third overall.

The start was a tough time for the boys to proceed with K-POP. BTS has always gone forward and published the music and exposed its feelings and emotions through its art though facing many obstacles raised by great hits and issues with touring agencies. The boys covered J. Cole’s “Born Sinner” as a present to their fans and named the track “Born Artist” to mark their one-month anniversary.

In 2015, BTS had its Spotlight Tour in the United States. However, it faced a lot of disorder and disrespect. At this time, BTS was only a little group, but ARMY (BTS fans) always tweeted and protested to the organization that misrepresented these young boys even during the present era. It was a tough time for BTS, but their first loyal fans still showered BTS with a lot of love and support despite it.


Who is in BTS?

BTS is today beyond any doubt the world’s largest band comprising of young lads. Its seven members – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook – have been globally acclaimed. But who are these young, energetic boys? Let’s discuss them a bit.


  1. RM (leader, rapper, age 24)

Officially renowned as BTS leader, RM was the primary rapper hunted by the founder of BTS at the time. His original name is Kim Nam-jun. Rapping made him famous. He has performed with different famous performers and was the initial person of BTS who released his rap mixtape. He’s also the sole member of BTS who is English speaking. RM learned English from seeing the episodes of famous Friends’ season. RM gave a talk in English to the United Nations. His speech was aimed at promoting programs to inspire young people.


  1. Suga (rapper, producer, age 25)

Starting his early years as an unidentified rapper, Suga acquired the new nickname when he had been playing basketball for a long time (this is an abbreviation for the shooting guard). His real name is Min Yoon-gi and was born in 1993. Suga is branded for his swift verses. Suga is pleased to speak on any topic he is provided from intellectual talk to policymaking, principally in his 2016 mixtape. Suga acts as a producer and has produced captivating melodies on projects initiated by other singers and even several of BTS’s hits. He is the second oldest of the group, after Jin.


  1. J-Hope (rapper, dancer, age 24)

J-Hope [stylized as j-hope] was the third participant who was tapped in BTS after RM and Suga and was initially recognized for his dance. He was born in 1994 under the name Jung Ho-seok. He belonged to the underground dance crew who operated in Gwangju, Hope’s home state. However, J-Hope expanded his talents as a member of the boy band, which included raps and composing tracks having credits in the discography. In March, Hope launched self-combination, named after him that is Hope Universe. It was autonomous and conveyed the idea of happiness as well as harmony. He also talks regarding his craze for the latest trends when he visits new cities, often found saying that he likes shopping.


  1. Jimin (singer, dancer, age 22)

Born in 1995 with the name Park Ji-min, Jimin was initially recognized for his sharp and enticing dance moves. Big Hit Entertainment spotted him during his high school. At a younger age, he entered the art school next to V, where he concentrated on contemporary art. At plays, he does a solo “Serendipity,” which would be viral if he goes outdoors, from smiling and sharing laughs with Jimmy Fallon to hugging a fan. “This is one of my favourite times when fans sing to the tracks,” Jimin said once.” We are giving our fans and listeners energy, but we also tale energy from them.”


  1. Jin (singer, visual, age 25)

Jin was born in 1992 with name Kim Seok-Jin. He was a student at Konkuk University in Seoul when a candid snapshot of Jin captured the Internet since he boarded off the limousine in 2017. As a result, he is now renowned with the fan-provided nickname “Worldwide Handsome,” due to his charming and handsome personality. Initially, he was hunted on the highway before he finally joined BTS. In South Korea, Jin managed to gain popularity as an amateur foodist and a successful food vlog, named Eat Jin. He was able to win his own audience due to the vlog and is found sharing candid videos of himself – and occasionally his fellow bandsmen – eating homemade food.


  1. V (singer, 22)

V was born in 1995, and his real name is Kim Tae-hyung. As a kid, he took the saxophone and ended up with a friend at a Big Hit audition. He was much encouraged to audition, and the rest is history. V is the bunch’s R&B crown, famous for its charming choruses which appeared in some low-tempo tracks. His standing instance is when, at concerts, he chants with a huge-size marionette in his innovative, dramatic duo, in the single hit “Singularity.” He has also taken part in acting and is now an enthusiast in photography as well as becoming a songwriter and artist.


  1. Jung Kook (singer, age 21)

Born in 1997, having named as Jeon Jung-kook, is the freshest fellow of BTS. Jeon, although the smallest member of the party, has a particular position in the K-pop group and is famous as “Maknae,” concerning his young age. However, in BTS he is known as the “Golden Maknae,” providing him admiration for his live talents. Jung Kook is an essential vocalist in his band. He appeared a few years ago to impress and satisfy audiences in the unidentified South Korean singing live demonstration termed as King of Masked Singer. He is found fond of posting his beautiful artworks on different sites like Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Why is BTS so famous?

This is a tough question to respond but be assured they are famous. Pre-sales for Map of the Soul: 7 was able to gain over 3.4 million in a matter of one week. The fact that the songs and messages of the group were able to echo with a worldwide audience of people of all genders, races, and ethnic groups is a crucial element in its popularity. The message of self-esteem was the cornerstone of “Love Yourself” latest album trilogy, reflecting on the current “Map of the Soul” series. The potential of BTS to deeply tackle a variety of highly relevant topics makes it enticing for everyone. It is possible to see yourself in the hardships described by BTS on hard-hitting tracks such as the latest ‘Black Swan’ or in the 2018 speech at the UN by RM (leader of the group). Ultimately, BTS is one of the most influential pop group that supports and identifies through its captivating sound, lyricism and commitment to diving into existential themes such as identity, self-love and belonging. BTS was one of Twitter’s first K-Pop artists. The group also posted blogs on YouTube and shared their lives on the AfreecaTV and V Live websites in Korea. The Internet is packed with such mundane BTS moments. The BTS K-pop group also has a massive fan following, termed as ARMY, which is growing with every coming day.


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